Meet the A Team


Photographer // Cinematographer

South Florida lifestyle photographer and cinematographer

Patryk Molczan has a strong passion for creating beautiful work. La Bella Pixel was created for his love of the camera and the compelling, inspired imagery he captures with it.

Patryk is a storyteller. He believes the best moments are unscripted. He creates a lasting memory of the emotions, beauty and details of your special life events.


Art Director // Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer, Raquel, is a true dreamer and believer.

Grateful for even the little things which soothe her soul.

Sunsets at the beach, thought provoking conversations and family dinners.

She's always searching for inspiration and living life on the creative edge.

As a freelancing art director + graphic designer she provides premium consultation services and stylish designs.



I am a photographer…artist…creative…goof-ball.

My job as your photographer is to document the beauty of your life in the time I spend with you so that you have images that you'll cherish forever.

In all of the reality, fun, messiness and chaos of life

I believe there is infinite beauty in life.

Love is the heart of family.

My work is to capture the beauty and grace of your family's love.